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Peter John Kofi Donkor

is a musician and music teacher from Ghana, living in Switzerland.

1968 John Kofi Donkor was born in Accra, Nima. In his early childhood he got interested in Ghanaian music: Traditional, church music and modern. With 9 years he got his first experience in acting in a theatre piece. Since then he was seriously playing music, percussion and acting drama. Soon after, Peter John Kofi Donkor joined his first cultural troupe and started his experience in African music, dance and drama. He got his qualification as a master drummer with a certificate of artistic performance from the Accra Regional Dance Association and with recommendation of the Centre for National Culture.

At the Academy of African music and Art in Kokrobite, Accra (Ghana) he got trained as a music teacher. Since 1992 he began to teach traditional percussion music. Just two years after, he travelled to Europe and was a guest lecturer at the University of Vienna. A lot of teaching on various institutions in Switzerland, Germany and Austria followed in the years after. He played concerts in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, France, Czechia and Italy.

John Kofi Donkor played with several bands on their CDs and released his own CD, Krakutu power sounds.

He is teaching African drums and percussions at the music school Frick in Switzerland.


is managed by John Kofi Donkor and Nadja Donkor-Kaufmann. We mostly work as a team, write our own programs and manage performances and workshops. John Kofi Donkor is offering a variety of courses in African music, percussion, rhythm games and rhythmicity training, dance, drama, singing, cooking and storytelling. 

The programs are made for children, youngsters and adults: From kindergarten till university. Of course we offer also privat courses, single or in groups for any age.

Watch the Gallery for more prictures and informations about music, dance and theatre in Ghana.


Nadja Donkor-Kaufmann

Is an ethnologist from Switzerland and was born 1970 in Zürich.

She travelled in her childhood and as a youngster through Europe, India, USA (Alaska) and Canada and later together with Peter John Kofi Donkor to Ghana and Senegal.  

Nadja Donkor studied social anthropology and drama at the University Vienna. During her studies she specialized in the fields of culture change, culture shock, through culture contacts to intercultural learning (Ethnopsychology of cultural contacts) and performances.

She studied one year at the university Legon in Accra Ghana, African drama, Ghanaian dance (school of performing arts) and African language Akan (Fante).

In her thesis in social anthropology she went for a field research in Ghana and wrote about the problems of the reintegration of Ghanaian returnees from Europe.

She wrote a publication of the Forum Africa studies Switzerland: The reintegration and its problems of Ghanaian returnees from Europe (Brücken und Grenzen, Lit Verlag, Münster - Hamburg - London 1999, S. 313 - 325).

2001 Nadja Donkor went together with her husband John Kofi Donkor and their first daughter June for a one year filed research in South Ghana, Cape Coast, Elmina and Eguafo about the subject:  culture change and the didactical function of performances among the Fante in Eguafo and Elmina, which will lead to her dissertation.

Since 2002 she is working in the Clubschool Migros Zurich as a teacher for German and in the organisation for women and integration in Sins as a teacher for German and integration. 

Go to our gallery for more informations and pictures about our travelling in music. African dance Ghana.


 Offers     PowerSoundProduction 

Concert and workshops, percussionist, courses, party and wedding entertainments, gospel and choir, music and sound effects mixed for theatre, film, videos and parties (music background in stories), video shooting, instruments:

Watch videos of concerts:  Concert

Percussionist I offer playing percussions and conga in bands and recordings for CD productions.

Concerts: We offer concerts in various music styles: African traditional music and dance, Soft Jazz, Highlife-Reggae-Calypso, Blues and world music. From a duo till a full band. You can book it also as a wedding or general as a party entertainment. For church activities we offer a gopsel band and choir.

We have our own sound equipment.

African traditional music and dance: various percussion instruments with powerful dance show. Every dance has its own costumes and we can combine it with an acrobatic show. We can fullfill and be flexibel for your wish. Wings of a dove will fly with you through Africas music and dance.

Highlife-Reggae-Calypso: With our band we play the famous dance music style of West Africa, Highlife. Reggae and Calypso make our program rich in varity. We often play on festivals, but also move the crowd on parties and celebrations.

African Jazz, Blues and world music:  The Ghanaian bamboo flute "Atantabe" combined with the traditional instruments form Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso give the dynamic rhythm in our program. We have our own arrangement of modern African Jazz for dancing and for meditativ listening.

In our Blues program, we use together with the traditional African percussion, horns and flute instruments. With our brass instrument combination we play special Ghanaian festival music (parade).

South African music: Together with an excelent singer from South Africa, we offer the original South African music and dance.

Gospel: We often perform in churches with a choir or a gospel band.

Have a taste in your club, on your party or at your festival and institution of original African music and dance.

Music and sound effects

Creating music and soundeffects towards your story or project such as theatre, films, videos. Also for TV or radio productions.

Workshop offers:  Watch videos of workshops:  Workshop

Peter John Kofi Donkor is teaching African drums and percussions at the music school Frick in Switzerland.  He is offering a variety of courses in African music, percussion, rhythm games and rhythmicity training, dance, drama, singing, cooking and storytelling. The programs are made for children, youngsters and adults: From kindergarten to university.

One of the most successfull workshop program is "no stress - no panic": It is a anti-stress program which shows its effects immediatly to the students and also the teachers find it easier to work with the pupil. It is improving cooperation and motivation in learning.


angel patience

Our new book, printed this year July by Paramon Verlag, Switzerland.

The story is all about patience. The characters are traditional drums from Ghana: the Ewe drum set with percussions: Adzimevu, Sogo, Boba, Esevu, Kidi, Kagan, Gakogvi and Aya.

This family is called Drum and lives in a village called patience. The love and patience they have for the people got them a lot of friends. They became famous, because of their names. Often they go to shopping and meet families and have a chat about daily life activities. As you know children like to get a lot of gifts, like toys, the main character Kagan got and demanded always a lot of toys. He always wants to get more, although he has a lot of them already. This behaviour made him to loose a lot of friends. Many families don’t want their children to visit Kagan anymore, because of his behaviour of demanding.

But one day things changed. He had a dream about an angel, who was called Patience. In his dream he was asking the angel:“ Why are you called Patience? Is it the patience like our village name?“ and the angel replied: „ yes excactly!“

 The angel was speaking to Kagan about the meaning of its name and described what you can gain from this name. You can get more than you ever wished, you can get friends and you can get happiness.

This leads me to my motto: „music brings energy, energy brings happiness!“

Buy one and enjoy this story, together with your children or grandchildren.

You can order the book directly through our website email (contact) or in various shops and online. This is where you can get or order the book:


Thalia Holding GmbH







Orell Füssli

And in the National Libry of Germany Frankfurt available.



This is the German version (Engelsgeduld) and the Englisch one is coming soon. We will keep you informed.

This programm can be also booked as a workshop in schools.

Workshops in Ghana

Come and experience traditional music and dance. Meet our traditional musicians an music royals. Additional you learn the historical background of th westafrican music and its rhythms and dance movements. Every music and dance tells its story.

Offers: We will organize your journey according to your wish and duration of stay. You can also travel by yourself and join us in Ghana.

Accomodation, food and group course organized: 200 Euro a week.

Only the group course:                                    100 Euro a week.

Privat course, accomodation and food:               300 Euro a week.

Only privat course:                                         180 Euro a week

Only accomodation:                                        20 Euro a night / 140 Euro a week

This year 2010 courses: starts 7th November. Groupe courses start 13th December - 7th January 2011 in Accra, near the beach.

Courses are available at any time you plan to travel to Ghana. Please contact us for arrangements.

Our guesthouse gives you chances to meet families and you can experience the daily life activities in Ghana, either in town or in village.

If you want to visit the local palaces, festivals or if you want to travel in Ghana, we can organize it for you according to your wish with a trained guider.

We are registered at the tourist board in Cape Coast and with the commission of culture in Ghana.

Our moto for all the courses and the travelling is: no stress - no panic

we work in a team, join us and and improve your talent and creativity.


Instruments for rent

We have all sorts of african percussion instruments for rent. Contact us for the pricelist and the time of renting.

GhanamusicAfricandancepercussionworkshopmusicschool  percussionafricamusicghancesanceworkshopmusicschool ghanamusicafricandancepercussionworkshopswitzerland 
africanpercussionmusicghanadanceworkshopswitzerland ghanamusicafricandancepercussionworkshopswitzerland hanamusicAfricadanceworkshoppercussionschool 

African drumming workshop: no stess no panic 

The aim is to learn the different technics, to play on different percussion instruments, to play in a team, create and compose your own rhythms.

The westafrican drums, Kpanlogo (Afrokonga) and Djembe are fascinating people. In John Kofi Donkors workshop you learn other percussion instruments, which are important to understand the music fast and help you to keep the rhythm. You will learn traditional westafrican music, arrange and compose your own rhythms. It will improve your right-left coordination, educates you in rhythmicity, creativity and relaxation.

Music is therapie and meditation. It improves your selfconfidence and concentration. Music is happyness and gives you energy. Come and play with us!

Kpanlogo: with this technic you are ready to meet any kind of percussion.

Fumefume: coordinates rhythms and takes your fear of playing away.

Agbdza: its powerful and endless polyrhythms relax your mind.

Damba-takaj: improves calmness and creativity of rhythms.

Adjagbeko: strength and power helps you to learn patience

Kahun: The master of automatical rhythm production

Adowa: improves your coordination and reaction (mathematic drumming).

Nagla: Take you to a music journey.

Bobobo: its rhythm lets you compose your own styles.

Bambaya: mother of slow and fast combination.

Talking drums: come and learn how to speak with drums




africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren. africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren. africanmusicdancepercussionworkshopafricamusic
africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren. africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren
africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren african rhythm and music in workshop for children. africanrhythmandmusicinworkshopforchildren.
ghana music dance workshop african culturalghanamusicdanceworkshopafricanculturalghana music dance workshop african culutral
ghana music dance workshop africanc ulturalghanamusicdanceworkshopafricanculturalghanamusicdanceworkshopafricanculturalafricapercussion

African dancing workshop: no stress no panic 

Dancing workshop: no stress no panic

The aim is to strengthen your rhythmicity, improve your movement and coordination. Increases condition, flexibility and concentration.

John Kofi Donkor starts with a warm-up program of mixed elements from traditional Ghanaian dances and will move our steps to the specific dances of the different ethnics. In the dance we are communicating with movements and steps with the drum rhythms. Every dance is telling us a story. Through the story we will find our coordination, movements and steps. Combining those together will give you strength, flexibility and relaxation. It prepares you to meet any kind of dancing. Come and dance with us! It gives you happiness and energy, will strengthen your selfconfidence and concentration.

Kpanlogo: Its dance movement will prepare you for a music journey.

Fumefume: Its dance will increase your fitness and gives you more energy.

Agbadza: The power of movement and coordination gives you happiness.

Damba-takaj: Its dance increases your flexibility and concentration.

Adjagbeko: Strength, patience and calmness increases your fastness.

Kahun: helps you to increase your flexibility and the coordination of your steps.

Adowa: It is the origin of the development of the step dance in America.

Nagla: its dance travels with you to farming fields (harvest dance).

Bobobo: This is the fitness center, comparable to Discodance.

Bambaya: Improves your hips flexibility and feeds you with energy.

Talking drums: Traditional dance combined with modern dances.






Drama and Storytelling

African drama and storytelling are combined with music, dance, singing and percussion instruments. John Kofi Donkor uses symbols of animals to tell a story. He will then guide the participants to form a drama piece. The theater pieces are called:

  • Why got the chameleon its colours?
  • Why is the tortoise the intelligent one of the animal kingdom?
  • Why is the lion the king of the animal kingdom?
  • Ananse: stories of a spider, with its intelligence and its wonderful tricks.
  • The story about an eagle and a tortoise.
  • The ashanti kingdom
  • A story about the fox and the dog.


Rhythm games and rhythmicity training

John Kofi Donkor uses special percussions instruments for teaching the rhythm game. This game is combined with mathematic thinking.

It improves your reaction, your selfconfidence and in the same time its relaxing and amusing. It keeps you fit in the mind and prepares you to meet any other game.

Namo ye la wi, hama ye al wi: this is the proverb song of this game.

africanmusicdanceghanapercussinworkshopafrican  africanmusicdanceghanapercussinworkshopafrican   africanmusicdanceghanapercussionworkshopafrica
africanmusicdanceghanapercussonworkshopafricaafricanmusicdanceghanapercussionworkshopafrica music schools in swiztzerland africanmusicdanceghanapercussionworkshopafrica


African kitchen

Come to John Kofi Donkors cooking lessons with music.

In Africa we use everyting fresh and natural. An improtant kitchen tool is the asanka. It is multifunctional. When we grind pepper, onion and tomatoes inside, we grind with rhythm. Our cooking pots and tools will make you feel like cooking every day. We use tropical ingredians, like yam, plantain, cassava, ginger, okro, gardeneggs, spinach and a lot of hot spices.

This will inspire you to enjoy your kitchen.



Music ethnology: 

From the root to the fruit                        

Introduction:  John Kofi Donkor and Nadja Donkor are introducing themselves and the westafrican country Ghana.Some of the typical traditional music instruments are explained by J.K. Donkor. He is speaking about the origin, the function and the occasion of playing those instruments.  In the olden days, some instruments are used like a telephone or a radio.  

In Ghanaian society songs, dances and rhythms are the keys of solving problems.

Each rhythm tells about an event in a region. The sound of the drums informs the people in the region to gather in a special place to come and listen. Each rhythm informs the people already what the meeting is about, for example if there is a marriage, a child is born, a funeral or the kingdom has a political / social message.

When the people gather, the musicians and dancers welcome the kingdom with a special music and song. Music and dance communicate and send the message to the people. A dance tells many stories which fits to the problems of the society.

In our songs we use a lot of proverbs, which are telling and solving problems of the daily life, financial, family or partner problems. It tells also about inter - ethnical or religious conflicts. Proverbs are keys for solving problems.

The songs, dances and rhythms bring the people together for discussion.

So you can see how people walk home in groups and still discuss. It doesn't matter where they come from, which religion or ethnic they belong to. They walk in groups with happiness. It shows tolerance and acceptance in society.

We call this traditional music: Its value lies in the connection of problems in the society and makes people realize their problems. The input to solve their problems by themselves is, to hear the songs and see the dance.

This seed of the traditional music, is still growing in all kinds of music styles: Form the root to the fruit 

Discussion with participants: As a native understanding the culture from inside, we want to compare it with the view from outside.

Workshop: We take some of the westafrican rhythms and compose our own rhythms, movements and steps. John and Nadja Donkor form together with you ideas and develop it into a new dance.

The aim is to strengthen the self confidence, creativity and to realize your own talent. Respect and tolerance brings unity.

From the root to the fruit

For more informations and impressions visit the gallery - african music dance








music and sound effects
We use a lot of instruments (such as african percussions, keyboard, drum set, flutes, guitar, ...)  to create dance beats towards your story or your project, such of theatre, film, video. We add or mix it with sound effects and samples (animal sound, city sound effects, etc.) It depends on your wishes towards your project.
We offer to create sound background for TV and radio productions.
Towards the CD production the text of your project can be designed and printed in a inlay booklet or card.
Prices have to be individually discussed according to the project.
inlay booklet krakutu CD peter john kofi donkor


African traditional percussion music and dance:

WINGS OF A DOVE  -  PERCUSSION POWER stretches its wonder wings and flies with you through rhythms, dances and miracles of Africa.

The group performs powerful traditional Ghanaian percussion music with flute, singing, dancing and sometimes with miraculous acrobats.

The members of the group are all professional Ghanaian Artists living and working in Europe. Since several years they perform on various events in Switzerland (UN-open day, Expo 2002, Pan African Forum University Fribourg, Ghana 50th anniversary Geneva, Africa in Basel, Museum night Basel and other festivals) England, Germany (University Hannover and Görlitz) and Austria.

A recent powerful performance was at the CD-Release event of J. K. Donkor in November 2008 in Frick, Switzerland.

Let wings of a dove - percussion power take you to a musical journey through your favorite rhythms. Involve and engage us into your activities.

Feel the touch of African music celebrations and festivals.

Watch our gallery for more pictures!




AKAPOMA African Dance Band: Highlife, Reggae, Calypso, world music

Akapoma, the African Dance Band, was founded in Switzerland in 1981 by the late Nana Twum Nketia, the Ghanaian teacher of African drummind and dancing. He lived in Liestal, Switzerland.

A year After that, he handed managment of the Band over to Louis Dogbe of Basel, Switzerland, who has been the band leader ever since. The sole aim of the Band is to promote and help the preservation of Ghana highlife and Ghana traditional music.

Highlife is a very danceable music style. It is rich in powerful moving rhythms as well as colourful melodies and harmonies. It is typical of Ghana, Togo and Nigeria (WestAfrican). However, it is also popular throughout the rest of Africa and Caribbean countries. Music historians believe that Calypso, a Caribbean music style, developed from Highlife.
The Akapoma Band consists of 5 musicians who are all very eperiences in the art of music making. Most of the foundation members are still playing in the Band.


The present 5 permanent bandsmen ( LouisDogbe, Robert Chonia, Adolphe Pauloby, Jonathan Hesse and Peter John Kofi Donkor) are very good friends and have respect for one another. All these give the Band internal cohension, stability, continuity and its ever-green character although the Band's sole aim is to promote Ghana Highlife and Ghana Traditional Music, its repetoire includes other rhythmically attractive music styles such as Calypso, Reggae as well as South and East African music.

Wherever Akapoma has performed, its music has been very warmly received by the audience. The music styles adopted by the Band and the musicians general approach to their music have earned them the name of the "crowd-movers". Furthermore, the open, easy going and friendly nature of the bandsmen make them likable to their audience and also bring about good working realtionship between them and organizers of activities.

The band has performed, with great success, on various occasions - weddings, big and small festivals, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations etc. - in and outside Switzerland. It is also the wish of the Band to introduce Ghana Highlife and Ghana Traditional Music into schools and higher institutions of learning, wherever possible. Its performances at the few of such institutions have been a great success.



If you want to read a site about PowerSoundProduction in German:

Music, dance and drama

A phantastic artist in visual art: drawings, paintings, sculptures,...

Watch videos of my concerts :  

Listen to AUDIO:

Concerts of african music, dance and songs from Southafrica. The group is based in Switzerland, perfome in Germany, Austria and Tchechia.

Soft Jazz, Reggae, Calypso and worldmusic. Performing in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Marokko.

African (Ghanaian)  funk-reggae music. It s a modern style and became internationally known.

Ghana Commision on Culture. People`s group. Traditional percussion, music, dance, drama and songs...agoo!

Ghanian Embassy in Switzerland.

African (Ghanaian)music, dance, theater (drama) - workshop - emashie ayekoo! Workshop in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and England. You can watch more about Peter John Kofi Donkors workshops in this school with grade 5 classes.

Ghanaian music, percussion, dance and drama - workshop: on the website go to "Klassenbeiträge" then to "Bluesworkshop P5c" and see how a workshop of Peter John Kofi Donkor looks like.

Afro - soul - music and dance with percussion and other instruments.

Soul of Africa. workshops of Music, dance, singing and storytelling of Africa. Concerts of famous African musicians.

Language combined with music and art. Percussion, dance: steps and movements of Africa / Westafrica / Ghana.

You can watch Peter John Kofi Donkors workshop, dance combined with Language, percussion music increases your learning ability.

More information about any issue concerning Africa: travel, culture, music, tradition, dance, percussion - instruments, schools and any education.

More about Dagara music of westafica, dance, instruments and dynamic rhythms.

African studies in Basel, seminars of african traditions, literatur, music instruments, ethnology.

 Ghana life Westafrica. More informations about Ghanaian culture, tradition, language, performing art and people

More about music of Africans and Afro Americans in Britain. Percussion sound, dance, music - managment, workshops, festivals and celebrations,

Litarture and other topics on African art.

Live Jazz Bands from Midsummer Music

String Quartets, Jazz Bands, Ceilidh Bands, Function bands and more for weddings, dinners & corporate events throughout England, Wales & Scotland.




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